Can I Use sudo?

Unfortunately, no.

sudo is a UNIX/Linux command that allows a user to run commands as a computer’s super user, root. For a few reasons, including security of our servers, Shared Hosting customers and DoOO end-users will never be given the ability to use the sudo command or similar administrator level tools such as yum. If such tools are necessary to run or install something, the chances are it cannot be installed on a Shared Hosting or Domain of One’s Own server by a customer/end-user.

If you are looking to install something that requires sudo or similar administrator level tools, or just want to have more control over the environment your content is running in, you may be interested in Reclaim Cloud, which is our new cloud platform that offers isolated and containerized environments. You will have full control over these environments, including the ability to grant yourself root access:

Difficulty: Advanced By default many application servers (with the exception of VPS and Docker containers) use an application-specific user with restricted access to prevent issues. There are occasional times where you might be using an application server and need root access to install a server-level package. To give that user sudo access you can use the following guide. Note: Running commands on a container as the root user has the potential of breaking your application. Please proceed wi…
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