Installing SSL Certificates on Reclaim Cloud using the Let's Encrypt Add-on

This guide will cover how to install an SSL Certificate on a custom domain under Reclaim Cloud. To follow these instructions, your environment must have a public IP address, and a domain must be mapped to the environment using an A or CNAME record. We have more information on pointing a domain to environments on Reclaim Cloud in this guide:

Pointing a Reclaim Hosting URL to Reclaim Cloud

To start we’ll want to access the Add-Ons for the node. You can find this by clicking the > symbol in front of the environment you want to work with. This will expand the options available. If your environment has more than one node, you'll want to select the node with the public IP address mapped to it.

Select Add-Ons and Configure on the Let’s Encrypt Free SSL

Let's Encrypt

You can now enter your custom domain and press Apply


The SSL Certificate will now install onto your custom domain.

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