Changing Reclaim Cloud Domain Name

After adding a new environment to Reclaim Cloud you may want to swap out the default environment name with a custom domain. This guide will explain the steps needed.

1. Click on the settings icon for your environment.

2. Select Custom Domains on the left side.

Note: The default Reclaim Cloud environment uses a subdomain, such as in the current example.

3. To change this default, you can add a CNAME record for the specified domain (if the domain will be using the shared public IP address).

4. Click the green Bind button to link your custom domain with the environment. (Unfortunately SSL Certificates will not work for custom domains added using this method.)

If you are pointing an A record at a dedicated public IP Address for a custom domain and you need an SSL Certificate the process is slightly different and the above step is not necessary.

When adding an A record to map the domain you need to ensure your environment has a dedicated Public IP Address. Some environments come with a dedicated public IP address, but that is not always the case. Also, some containers allow you to add a dedicated public IP address within the container.

One thing to note is that if your environment has a Load Balancer it will have its own public IP address. So, in our current example of a WordPress deployment, adding a Load Balancer is a convenient method for getting a dedicated IP. You will then be able to issue an SSL Certificate for your custom domain.

To add a Load Balancer click on the environment topology icon (the gear with 3 containers) and then make sure it’s turned on. You’ll also want to ensure Public IPv4 is on as shown below and then click Apply.



The environment will now have a Load Balancer and when you click the arrow to view the container specifications you will see the dedicated public IP address.

You can now use that IP Address when adding an A record for your custom domain. To install an SSL Certificate on your custom domain, please refer to the guide “Installing SSL certificate on Custom Domain”.

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