Backups in ReclaimPress

Backups in ReclaimPress are highly customizable, and simple to set up. You can customize the configuration of your backup process and easily restore to a previous version of your site whenever you need to.

In ReclaimPress each Production environment is allotted a 20GB backup storage environment as part of whichever subscription you choose. This environment is not set up by default, so there are a few steps you'll need to complete to start backing up your WordPress site.

Creating the backup environment

Start by going to the dashboard for the WordPress site you'd like to set up backups for, and clicking on the Settings icon in the upper-right corner.


From within the Settings view, select the Backup Storage tab. If you haven't set up backups for your site yet, you'll see a notice on this page saying "You need to create Backup Environment first." Click on that notice to get started.

Screenshot 2024-02-29 at 14-41-40 ReclaimPress Application Platform for WordPress.png

You'll then be brought to the System Settings page, where you can select the Add Backup option.

Screenshot 2024-02-29 at 14-42-09 ReclaimPress Application Platform for WordPress.png

You can also access this interface by clicking on the dropdown on your profile icon, and selecting System Settings.

Screenshot 2024-02-29 at 4.27.41 PM.png

Once you choose Add Backup, you'll have two options. The first is the 20GB of Backup Storage that comes included in your ReclaimPress account for $0/month. If you feel you need more space, however, you also have the option to add 100GB of Backup Storage for an additional $10/month.

Once you select a storage plan, enter your Display Name, which is simply the name your environment will have in your ReclaimPress interface, as well as your Environment name, this will be a slug that should be unique, and finally choose the Region your environment will live in, which should be one of the provided areas closest to where you are located.


Screenshot 2024-02-29 at 14-43-01 ReclaimPress Application Platform for WordPress.png

You'll then be brought back to System Settings, where you'll see the environment creation process complete.

Screenshot 2024-02-29 at 14-45-11 ReclaimPress Application Platform for WordPress.png

Your backup options

Once your backup environment is created, you can revisit the Backup Storage tab in your site's Settings dashboard, where you'll find some new options.

  • Configure – adjust the schedule, storage node, and quantity of backups to store
  • Backup Now – create an immediate backup
  • Restore – restore from backup (choose the project and required backup in the pop-up)
  • Delete – remove the backup solution for the project

Screenshot 2024-02-29 at 14-54-14 ReclaimPress Application Platform for WordPress.png

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