Reclaim Press Plugin Management

ReclaimPress allows you to manage the plugins you are using on your WordPress sites right from your ReclaimPress dashboard.  

Start by logging in to ReclaimPress at Next, click on the name of the WordPress site you'd like to access.


Once you are on the project page, you will want to click the Plugins tab:



Once in the Plugins section, you will see all of the plugins that are currently installed on your WordPress site and you will be able to activate/deactivate, update, or delete them there.

You can activate or deactivate the plugins using the “ON/OFF” switch in the top right corner of each plugin box.



If updates are available, then you can update active plugins by hovering over the plugin title and clicking the Update link you see at the bottom of the plugin window.



If you decide you want to delete a plugin, you will first want to deactivate it. Once it is deactivated, hover over the plugin title and then click the Delete link you see at the bottom of the plugin window. 


If you want to install new plugins on your WordPress site, this will need to be done in your Wordpress dashboard. You can follow the instructions WordPress provides for installing new plugins to your site.

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