Using Endpoints

Endpoints are an advanced feature in ReclaimPress that let you open additional ports to your containers. Ports 80 and 443, the default ports for web traffic, are already open, but endpoints can be handy if you have additional services you need to run on a container that doesn't use those expected ports.

Start out by logging in to ReclaimPress at Next, click on the name of the WordPress site that you want to create an endpoint for.

Next, click the settings icon at the top right of the page.

From the settings page, select Endpoints, then Add.

Use the Add Endpoint to set up the endpoint:

  • Node will let you select from your WordPress environment's containers if it has more than one.
  • The Name field to give your Endpoint a name, or use the dropdown to select from a list of pre-configured services.
  • Private Port is the port you would like to expose on the container.
  • Protocol lets you select between TCP or UDP traffic that will be allowed over the endpoint.

When you have things configured to your needs, click Add to create the endpoint.

From the endpoints page, you should see all configured endpoints. The Public Port is the automatically assigned port for your endpoint that allows traffic to the Private Port on the container. Similarly, the Access URL is the automatically assigned URL that allows traffic to the Private Port.

You can also use the pencil icon to edit any already created endpoints, and the trash can icon to delete them.


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