Accessing Database Information in ReclaimPress

Sometimes while working in WordPress you may need to do your work directly in the database using PHPMyAdmin. ReclaimPress makes it easy to find and access this database interface.

Locating Your Databases

Within the main page for your site, there is a button called Database Info in the top summary section, next to a small picture of a seal (the MariaDB logo, being used here to indicate databases). If you click on Database Info, a small dropdown will appear with information on your database usernames, and with links where you can access them. (Sensitive login information has been redacted here for privacy, but you'll be able to see your information just fine.)


PhpMyAdmin is usually enough to manage any basic work you need to do in the WordPress database, since that's where WordPress's core settings and information is stored. 

Logging into Your Databases

When you spin up your site for the first time, you'll receive a couple of different emails. One of these emails has the subject line Your WordPress is Up and Running at ReclaimPress (or, if your site uses a different plan from Standalone Pro, whichever plan name is correct). The email will have a link to PHPMyAdmin.

Getting PhpMyAdmin Login Information

If you ever have issues logging into PhpMyAdmin, you'll want to use the File Management tool to locate your existing username and password. The File Management tool is located towards the bottom on the main summary page of your site, next to Statistics. Make sure you are in the All tab and then look for the file wp-config.php.


Once you've found the file, open it up. When you scroll down to Database Settings, your username, password, and other database information will all be available here. Your login information will be the entries under 'DB_USER' and 'DB_PASSWORD'. (Sensitive database information has been redacted here for privacy, but the location is the same and you'll be able to see your information without issue.)



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