Configuring Settings for Automatic Updates in Installatron

Automatic updates are useful when you don’t want to worry about manually updating your WordPress to the latest versions. There are many options with these settings and you can change them to what works best for you.

You can change these settings at any point during installation and even after the site has been running for a while. Navigate to the ‘My Apps’ section in apps

Scroll down to the application that you’d like to change the settings. Click the name of the specific installation.

Scroll down to the ‘Automatic Update’ section. You’ll make most of the changes to the updates here.

You can choose to update WordPress to any version, update to minor version and security releases, or turn automatic updates completely off. You can choose to have automatic updates turned on for plugins and themes as well. The fourth option is whether or not you want Installatron to create a backup during the update and restore the back up if the update fails. We do keep 30 days of offsite backups if something happens during the update you can always reach out to us to restore a backup.

You can set these settings to fit your specific installation to only themes and plugins or just updates to the software, or just turn them all off. Just be sure to Click ‘Save All’ to have the changes take place.

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