Setting the PHP-CLI Path in Omeka

Some plugins including CSV Import, Neatline and OHMS Import may need to execute code using the command-line version of PHP. If your plugin requires this it can be enabled by editing the file at application/config/config.ini and modifying the background.php.path = “” line to the following:

background.php.path = "/usr/local/bin/php"

Editing files is easy within cPanel by using the File Manager.


Simply navigate to the folder location (application/config within your Omeka directory) and click the file and you’ll have the option for a code editor where you can find the line to edit:

When working with Omeka S you’ll need to be aware of the file changes. Omeka S requires that the path be changed within the config/local.config.php file. Change the line ‘phpcli_path’ => null, to ‘phpcli_path’ => ‘/usr/local/bin/php’ (note that if Omeka S is installed via Installatron on Reclaim Hosting this should be set for you already.
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