How to Give Additional Users Database Access

It's common when working with developers or within a larger group to want to provide specific users database access without giving them full access to your cPanel account. Traditionally phpMyAdmin, which is available for database management in cPanel, uses a database user's login credentials. However the cPanel version works a bit differently by automatically logging you in as the primary account user so you see all databases. The problem then occurs that the cPanel version is not accessible outside of the cPanel environment.

One potential option for providing additional users access to phpMyAdmin is to install and run your own copy of the software. phpMyAdmin is an open source application that runs on, you guessed it, PHP and is therefore compatible in our environment. See for details on the setup. You can setup a subdomain like for example and then you could then assign a database user with access to particular databases in cPanel and that database user could login externally to that version of phpMyAdmin. This is not something that Reclaim Hosting supports directly and you should be aware of potential security concerns with exposing database access in this way.

The second option for external access for other users is setting up Remote MySQL and using a standalone tool like MySQL Workbench or Sequel Pro. You have to whitelist your computer's IP address in the Remote MySQL section of cPanel so that it can access databases externally but then you can use these tools on your computer (or another user of course) to access a database by specifying the host (your domain name), database user and password.



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